Dreamers' Circus

Camp Concert Hall, Booker Hall of Music

Adult $35 | Senior $30 | Non-UR Student/Youth $10 | UR Student $5

Nikolaj Busk (piano and accordion), Ale Carr (Nordic cittern), and Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen (violin and first violin in the Danish String Quartet) view their Nordic folk roots as a point of departure rather than a fixed destination. The trio blends this adventurous attitude with outstanding musicianship to recast tradition into something startlingly original. As the ensemble members put it: “We are often asked what kind of music we play...[W]e try and encourage people to view it as something that can transcend genres. Perhaps it is no bad thing to defy classification now and again.”

Dreamers' Circus feat. Poul Bjerager - "Walz"