Advertise in Our Program

The Modlin Center for the Arts, which opened in 1996, features state-of-the-art performance venues, galleries, studios, and classrooms. Praised as "a work of art itself" by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the $22.5 million, 165,000-square-foot facility is home to the renowned Modlin Arts Presents Series and the University Museums as well as the University of Richmond departments of Art and Art History, Theatre and Dance, and Music.

The Modlin Center for the Arts presents more than 40 world-class performing arts events as part of the ModlinArts Presents Series, five productions presented by the Department of Theatre and Dance and the University Players and Dancers, and another 23 music performances as part of the Department of Music's annual free concert series. By advertising in the Modlin Center event program, your ad will reach a desired demographic audience including educated, affluent, 55-plus patrons; UR students, professors, and staff; and arts aficionados.

Distribution: 30,000 +
Publication Date: September 2019 - April 2020

Deadline for Sales: July 26, 2019


  • Reach consumers of luxury goods and services
  • Reach a diverse audience of students, University faculty, and affluent community members
  • Reach a highly educated, top earning audience
  • Solidify your brand through the frequency of more than 40 performances
  • Pay in advance and save 10%

2019-2020 Rates

Back Cover:                   $3500
Double-Truck: $3500
Inside Front Cover: $3000
Inside Back Cover: $3000
Opp.Edit. Page: $2500
Full Page: $2000
1/2 Page: $1100
1/4 Page: $700


Double-Truck           10w x 8h
Full Page: 5w X 8h
1/2 Page Horizontal: 5w x 4h
1/4 Page Horizonal: 5w x 2h
1/4 Page Vertical 2.5w X 4h

Submitting Artwork

Deadline for Artwork: August 9, 2019

  • All files must be Mac compatible
  • All color must be converted to CMYK
  • Do not use RGB or Index color

PDF: Adobe PDF format, version 5.0 or higher.  All fonts must be embedded.  Press Ready optimized. Please be sure to submit final PDF's with Overprint Preview enabled or selected and be sure to review your PDF ad to see if there are any overprint issues prior to submission.  Any ads displaying an overprint issue will have to be resubmitted prior to the artwork deadline or will have to run as submitted.  Please check with your Production Department if you have any questions regarding overprint preview with your PDF ad.

Page Layout: QuarkXPress 7 or earlier.  Do not use custom track or kern tables, custom hypenations, dictionaries, or the pasteboard XI extension.

Art and Photos: ESP or TIFF.  Do not use JPEG, DCS, or GIF.  Do not use LZW compression.

Illustrator: Version 8.0 or earlier.  Convert fonts to outlines whenever practicle.

Fonts: Adobe Type 1 (include both printer and bitmap files).  Don't use TrueType, Multiple Master, or GX fonts.

Copy:  Microsoft Word 6.0 or earlier.  Plain text or (ASCII).

Ad Specification:  Disk or Camera ready; 150 line screen (matchprint required).