Modlin Center Student Employment

The Modlin Center employs more than 35 students annually in a range of positions. A list of all positions is included below and available positions are posted by the University of Richmond Office of Student Employment.

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Arts Administration

Contracts Administrator: Maintain and develop ongoing relationships with artist managers and work to ensure a timely processing of contracts for 35 Modlin Center events annually. The Contracts Administrator must be able to clearly disseminate and circulate information to all Modlin Center staff and work independently.


Artist Coordinator: Work with the Artist Services Manager as a professional liaison between the Modlin Center and visiting artists. The Artist Coordinator is responsible for providing a high level of service while coordinating artist transportation, local-area information, and hospitality.

Assistant Technical Director: Responsible for the implementation of theatrical design aspects including: audio, lighting, staging, properties, wardrobe and hospitality, and work directly with the Modlin Center Production Manager and Assistant Production Manager. Previous backstage experience is preferred.

Merchandise Associate: Sell artist merchandise and concessions to patrons before, during, and after performances in the Modlin Center. The Associate works independently and is responsible for setting up a concessions area, maintaining inventory, and basic financial accounting.

Merchandise Manager: Working independently, the Merchandise Manager is responsible for the entire merchandising operation of the Modlin Center and visiting artists. Develop and maintain communication with artist managers, track sales, and manage a staff of associates with a professional commitment to customer service.

Stagehand: Work with visiting artists and incoming production staff to ensure the implementation of all design aspects, including audio, lighting, staging, properties, wardrobe and hospitality.

Stage Manager: Act as the bridge between front of house staff and backstage staff; gather basic show information, such as running times, intermission lengths and encores, and disseminate that information to the rest of the staff; make sure visiting artists get onto and off of stage for their performance.


Assistant Marketing Manager: Responsible for publicizing the Modlin Center and its season of events. Provides assistance in upkeep of the various display boards with up-to-date Modlin Center events and distribution management of Stall Weekly, press releases, and other promotional pieces.

Box Office Associate: Assist with Box Office duties for all Modlin Center events (over 60 events annually): subscription sales, single ticket sales, group sales.  Help provide accurate information to the university public and the community public about cultural events at the Modlin Center around campus.  The Box Office Associate serves as the first point of contact between patrons and the Modlin Center.

Box Office Manager: Oversees the Box Office for Modlin Center events, subscription sales, single ticket sales and group sales.  This individual is responsible for recruiting new associates and consistent and effective training of staff.

Marketing Assistant: Manage production and distribution of Stall Weekly; assist and advise on social networking initiatives and student marketing initiatives; research upcoming Modlin Center artists for use in marketing projects.

Marketing Materials Designer: Create promotional print and web media for 35 Modlin Center performances annually. The Designer works directly with the Marketing Director to publicize events and facilitate the consistent use of Modlin Center design standards across all types of media.

Front of House Operations

Assistant Operations Manager: Focusing the responsibilities of arts organizations and the daily management of arts facilities, the Assistant Operations Manager works with the Operations Manager to aid in scheduling of Modlin Center venues, set-up and tear down of events, data entry, and general computer work. Previous front-of-house experience as a house manager or head usher is preferred.

Head Usher: Assist in supervising a staff of volunteer and student ushers before, during, and after performances in the Modlin Center, and serve as a primary point of communication between House Managers and the ushers.

House Manager: Oversee the safety and security of patrons before, during, and after performances in the Modlin Center. The House Manager supervises all front-of-house staff and operations for Modlin Center events and serves as a primary point of communication among various Modlin Center staff members at events.

Senior House Manager: In addition to overseeing the safety and security of patrons at Modlin Center performances, the Senior House Manager is responsible for coordinating House Management staff, recruiting new staff, and overseeing training of existing staff.